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Friday 5th May – LUFC Intermediate Epee – Enter Online

LUFC Fencers at recent competitions

Meseyside Open Fencing Tournament:

  • Men’s Foil/91: Gavin Williams 11th, Dan Hepner 29th, David Bass 38th, Keith McCarthy 45th, Caleb McCarthy 49th, Liam Melvein 55th, Christopher Lennon 62nd, Thomas Pritchard 86th
  • Men’s Sabre/52: Henry Wang 3rd, Matthew Fok 18th, Cameron Robertson 32nd, Andrew Webber 42nd, Matthew Truong 48th
  • Men’s Epee/105: Atanas Atanasov 3rd, Robert Carroll 16th, Nathan Magnall 19th, Liam Melvein 55th, Christopher Lennon 83rd, Thomas Wilson 90th
  • Women’s Foil/26: Erica Hughes 16th, Syafiqah Ahmad Fu’ad 25th
  • Women’s Epee/31: Hannah Loryman 3rd, Emily Jeanes 9th, Sarah Leadbetter 25th
  • Women’s Sabre/23: Erica Hughes 3rd

Slough Open:
Women’s Epee: Emily Jeanes 2nd place – Men’s Epee: Robert Carroll 55/84 – Men’s Sabre: Alex Coleman 15/29 – Women’s Epee: Erica Hughes 17th – Women’s Foil: Erica Hughes: 51st
Women’s Sabre: Erica Hughes: 12th

Cambridge Winter Tournament: Epee: Erica Hughes: 8th – Sabre: Erica Hughes: 5th

Congratulations to the Mens 1sts team for winning the league, next stop the cup!
Training Schedule 2011

6:00-10:00pm University of Liverpool Sports Centre – Sports Hall BThursday

BUCS Teams Only 8:00-10:00pm University of Liverpool Sports Centre – Dance StudioSaturdays

12:00-3:00pm University of Liverpool Sports Centre – Sports Hall B

Recent Team ResultsWomen’s 1st Team: LUFC 131-75 LUFC Women’s 2nds

Men’s 1st Team: LUFC 103-100 University of Leeds 1sts

Men’s 2nd Team: LUFC 131-125 University of Central Lancashire Men’s 1sts

Women’s 2nd Team: LUFC 75-131 LUFC Women’s 1sts

More results and other league info on the BUCS website

Welcome to LUFC Fencing Club’s website, experienced or new to the sport we hope we have what you’re looking for. If you have any questions you can contact us through our website and email addressesor come along to a training session and talk to one of our committee members.

Club News

University of Liverpool Epee Team Competition – Saturday the 5th of May

On Saturday the 5th of May LUFC will be holding its annual Team Epee competition, the comp will take place on Saturday the 5th of May in The University of Liverpool Sports Centre, Bedford Street North, Liverpool Merseyside, L69 7ZN.

Information can be found from the competition page by clicking the links on the navbar above.

-Entry Lists-


  • Entry is open to those who are 13 years and is open to anyone of any standard
  • You must have a valid BFA licence
  • Full kit must be worn in accordance with BFA rules
  • Teams can be single or mixed sex
  • Teams of three or four
  • If you would like to compete but don’t have a team contact us and we can find you some team mates!

Online entry is now online! Get your entries in and we hope to see you there.
– Chris

Merseyside Open Fencing Tournament

On the 18th and 19th of February the fencers of LUFC assembled to take on the MOFT right here in our home city. There was a fantastic turnout with entrants in every weapon and Erica Hughes, Alumni Henry Wang and our coach Atanas Atanasov all taking bronze medals.

The MOFT was also the first open with the uni for many fencers including Christopher Lennon, Cameron Robertson, Sarah Leadbetter and Thomas Pritchard with Chris and Cameron clearing the first DE barrier.

Men’s Epee: Entrants 105
Atanas Atanasov 3rd
Robert Carroll 16th
Nathan Magnall 19th
Liam Melvein 55th
Christopher Lennon 83rd
Thomas Wilson 90th
Men’s Foil: Entrants 91
Gavin Williams 11th
Dan Hepner 29th
David Bass 38th
Keith McCarthy 45th
Caleb McCarthy 49th
Liam Melvein 55th
Christopher Lennon 62nd
Thomas Pritchard 86th
Men’s Sabre: Entrants 52
Henry Wang 3rd
Matthew Fok 18th
Cameron Robertson 32nd
Andrew Webber 42nd
Matthew Truong 48th
Women’s Foil: Entrants 26
Erica Hughes 16th
Syafiqah Ahmad Fu’ad 25th
Women’s Epee: Entrants 31
Hannah Loryman 3rd
Emily Jeanes 9th
Sarah Leadbetter 25th
Women’s Sabre: Entrants 23
Erica Hughes 3rd